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We value your opinion about the work that we have done for you, and we hope you’ll do us the courtesy of telling us what you think! If you have any concerns or if we have failed to meet your expectations, please give us a chance to make it right by calling or emailing us directly. If you’d like to tell others about your experience, help us by leaving us a review on Google. See below and thank you for letting us serve you!

  1. Click here
  2. See Google Business ad at top right of page
  3. Click on the button “Write a review” (to right of ‘Reviews’ caption)
  4. You’ll see a Google “Sign In” box has popped up for you to log into your Google account
  5. Once logged into your Google account, you’ll see a ‘Rate and review’ box has popped up
  6. To give a rating, please click on (5) stars, and then share details of your own experience with The Chimney Doctor!